Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bon Voyage

We're off on our annual Caribbean beach vacation. My family has these trips down perfectly: We relax on the beach, swim in the ocean and drink delicious rum concoctions.

Here are some of the other things I look forward to on these vacations:

* Waking up rested and refreshed and running to the windows to rip back the curtains and see what a beautiful day it is.
* Nabbing the perfect spot on the beach and sinking into our lounge chairs.
* Settling into that perfect beach cycle: get hot in the sun, cool down in the ocean, get hot in the sun. Repeat, repeat, repeat!
* Grabbing a round of pina coladas for the group.
* Kissing my husband in the water. (And each year I make my husband do "the lift" with me, a la the lake scene in "Dirty Dancing.")
* Talking with my mom and sister. There's never enough time to cover it all!
* Enjoying an ideal, simple feeling of relaxation as the sun starts sinking toward the ocean.
* Taking a shower and washing off all the salt, sand and sunscreen. This feels amazing!
* Dressing in something special and joining the family for a fun dinner.
* Going back to the hotel room exhausted and happy and sinking into bed.
* And doing it all over again the next day!

I can't wait for this trip. I hope we have safe travels and enjoy our time together. And I'll try to bring some sunshine back with us!

Photo by me.

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