Monday, June 20, 2011

Purple Love

While we didn't have many plans for the weekend, the past few days certainly kept us busy! I had a great time at a friend's wedding shower and a family dinner, my husband and I made progress on house projects and we capped the weekend with a nice outdoor dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. We also fit in time to go to a homes tour that's held in our city each summer. One house in particular caught our attention, an interesting place decorated with shades of purple and glam touches. Here are a few quick photos I snapped:

Photos by me. 


  1. So minimalistic and lovely. The purple looks amazing mixed with greys and white. Hope you have a great week, Katie! :)Ada

  2. you had a lovely weekend. always nice to cap off with dinner somewhere.

    i love that purple diamond wall. it's not an easy colour to use in interiors.

  3. That's a beautiful home! Sounds like a great weekend! :)
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