Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Dressing

The temps are sweltering, I'm eight months pregnant -- and I have no intention of wearing anything but sleeveless, knee-length dresses for the rest of the summer! These pretty frocks, all from, in their refreshing hues and perky prints, are giving me major inspiration.

Photos from here


  1. I love piperline and all their stuff :) Wow 8 months pregnant already?! That seemed to go by fast :)

  2. I have that second dress! And I can't believe you're at 8 months already - time is flying!

  3. oh you poor thing! I was hot in the dead of winter ... I can't even imagine with this crazy heat! :)

  4. Stripes, dots and delicate patterns, they are all made for summer. I've been wearing only dresses and skirts for weeks and I don't see myself in a pair of trousers too soon. :)