Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mad About It

Do you watch Mad Men? I had been hearing such good things about the AMC series that we rented DVDs of the first season this spring. My husband and I love watching a new show that way. We can completely immerse ourselves in it, binge on multiple episodes at a time. 

And what an interesting show! I find the 1950s and early '60s fascinating. The assumed roles people held are starting to crack and they’re beginning to see other possibilities. The program, which is set in a Manhattan ad agency, does a great job of showing the differences between men and women at the time, as well as the differences between working women and those who stay at home.

On a much lighter note, it’s a treat to look at the fashion of the day. I love the fitted tops and the pencil and full skirts. So ladylike! And oh my goodness, the furniture. The sofas in the executives’ offices are ridiculously amazing. And the sideboards and consoles that serve as office bars (seriously, did people really drink hard liquor all day at work in this period?) are gorgeous.

While I wouldn’t trade where I am now to live in 1960, I'm definitely enjoying this intriguing, sometimes dark, sometimes glamorous glimpse into the past. 

Photo from here.

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