Monday, October 19, 2009

Wonder Walls

Lately I have been struggling with a home decorating conundrum. But I may have just found the solution. Yay!

You see, we have a small powder room on our first floor. From the moment we bought the house, I have wanted to do something cool and fun with it. Currently it's painted in a soft grayish tone and it is begging for some drama!

The problem is I haven't figured out exactly what to do. It's just off a hall and the space can get quite dark -- so I couldn't paint it a rich shade of chocolate brown as I had originally hoped. And I don't think my husband will agree to wallpaper the room.

However -- flash of brilliance! -- a wall decal or mural might work perfectly. I love browsing through Etsy for tree decals. I'm not sure if I'll buy one or paint my own tree freehand. But either could work wonderfully.

Here are some decals I'm finding particularly inspirational:

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