Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's in the Details

Since moving into our first house two Decembers ago, my husband and I have taken on improvement projects big and small. And while we have things pretty much the way we want them, we recently started up a few projects. He's finishing our basement -- definitely a project that falls under the "big" category -- while I've been playing around with some of our rooms. I've added a chair to the living room, my mom sewed new covers for some pillows, I'm swapping out artwork and painting my own, and I have ideas for our bathroom.

All these projects and mental project-planning can overwhelm me. I want to do it all now and make everything great! But I know creating a home takes time, and I do like the process.

When I saw this Minnesota home the other day on Apartment Therapy, I had a realization: It's the little things that make a house interesting, beautiful and a true relfection of the people who live there. And I think these homeowners have done an amazing job at that. I love the details in each room, the owl lamp and print, the rows of framed photos and white vases.

Thanks to these fabulous homeowners for this beautiful reminder!

Photos from here.

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