Monday, July 26, 2010

Decked Out

When it comes to decorating our home, my husband and I have always been quite thrifty. We had to be with our first apartment when we were both in grad school, and it felt natural to take the same approach when we bought our first house nearly three years ago. Over the years, we've come to pride ourselves in finding creative, inexpensive ways to furnish and decorate.

I really like the idea of giving new life to an old piece of furniture. And that's what we did with our deck table and chairs. My parents had given us a Homecrest patio set they got back when I was in middle school. The chairs were in pretty rough shape and they reflected my mom and dad's love of earth tones and neutrals. So we ordered new "slings" for the chairs, and the update has made all the difference. Now the chairs look crisp and contemporary and invite us to enjoy dinner and drinks on the deck.



Photos by me.

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