Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gray Areas

It's been a wonderful, long holiday weekend. I got to spend time with family, do a little shopping with my mom and relax at home with my husband and our dog. We had a perfect Friday night listening to holiday music and putting up our Christmas tree.

We made a few tweaks to our living room, too, replacing bright paintings with two prints from our London trip and bringing out a white faux fur pillow and cream afghan my grandma knitted. I also swapped out the yellow covers of our big floor pillows for fuzzier, more wintry ones. And I'm contemplating ordering a gray cover for our blue sofa, which is looking a little faded nowadays.

I'm hoping for a cozy, sophisticated feel, and these gray and white living rooms, featured on Living Etc., are providing pretty inspiration.

Photos from here.

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  1. love the black and white inspiration - and the biiiig couches!