Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wild, Wild Weekend

Well, this weekend wasn't as laid-back as I had planned, but that turned out to be a wonderful thing. The days became filled with lots of time spent with our families, plus a little departure from our normal life. On Saturday, we went to see my aunt in a horse competition. My aunt is incredible. She grew up showing horses and always has this cool, casual attitidue about her. So seeing her in a cowboy hat, on a horse and leading cattle across an enormous barn, she seemed at ease and completely in her element.

I can't say the same about me. Being a total allergy geek, my head stuffed up and I began wheezing and sneezing within five minutes of being in the barn. But it was so neat to be there, to witness something my aunt is so passionate about. That's one of the things I love most about my family -- that we're this crazy mixed group of people with all sorts of different interests and opinions. We may not do what someone else does, but we're sure as heck going to see what it's all about and cheer our lungs out for that person while we're there.

Photos by me.

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