Monday, January 3, 2011

Dress Dreaming

Living in a place with such drastically different seasons, I love when I find clothes that can work year-round. These cute dresses from Ruche seem like that sort. In the middle of winter, I'd throw a cozy cardigan on top or maybe even a long tee or turtleneck underneath, and add warm tights and tall boots or smart heels. Then come spring, I'd shed those extra layers and pair the frocks with a light topper and sandals or peep-toes. I can't relegate ruffles, stripes, lace and florals to just one time year!

Photos from here.


  1. I really like the socend and the third ones :)

  2. love these! unfortunately I'm not one for floral prints, ruffles or lace. I love it on other people, but on me it rarely ever works...


  3. Thanks, Ola! I can never resist stripes : )

    And Petra, I know what you mean. I often have to choose ruffles and the like in small doses!