Monday, January 24, 2011

A Whirlwind

What a weekend! It really flew by, but it was filled with a lot of great things. We held a baby shower for my sister (with the help of this adorable invitation). My heart is still bursting from how much love and support came through for her, and how much wisdom is shared when forty women get together, especially when it's to celebrate a new life coming into the world. It was just wonderful.

On a smaller note, I flipped through the latest issue of Marie Claire and was mesmerized by photographs of actress Michelle Williams. Her clothes and makeup were gorgeous, but it was her hair that got me. Since I had a salon appointment on Sunday, I took one of the photos with me as inspiration and got the same choppy, longish pixie cut. I love it! The messier I make it, the better it looks -- a phenomenon I'm really appreciating already this week.

Photo from here.