Monday, March 7, 2011

Stitched Together

Yesterday was my grandma's eightieth birthday. While I can't comprehend that number, I do know I'm so blessed to have this incredible woman in my life. She and my grandpa were quite a pair. While he was outgoing and jovial, she has always been loving in more quiet ways. She's ultra-organized, with Tupperware stacked and individually labelled in the refrigerator, and she's part of a lineage of women in my family who are very particular about things (when my husband first met my grandma, I think he understood me a little more). She's always doing kind things for others, whether it's baking seventeen different kinds of cookies so everyone has their favorite when they visit, or knitting blankets, baby sweaters, hats and other items that will keep people feeling warm and cared for. Grandma is constantly knitting and it's a good symbol for what she does. She keeps our family stitched together.

Photo from here.

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  1. What a gorgeous story! You sure are lucky to have such one amazing family ;)