Friday, April 22, 2011


Since I found out I'm pregnant, I've been a storm of emotions. I'm totally excited and then completely overwhelmed. So as this week wraps up, I'm especially thankful for:

* My friends who have been nothing but happy and supportive, and especially my friend Kelly who left me the most perfect message right when I needed it.

* My mom and sister who have offered advice, love, a sense of humor, non-judgmental ears and a fun shopping trip for dresses and tops to accommodate a growing belly.

* My month-old nephew for helping me keep in mind what I have to look forward to at the end of nine months. He's the best, most adorable perspective!

* Cute onesies to remind me of the little bug who'll be wearing things like this.

Have a great weekend!

Photos from here, here, here and here

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  1. these are too cute. and I am so happy that you are happy!