Monday, April 25, 2011

A Lovely Award

Recently I was thinking about how many marvelous people I've gotten to interact with through blogging. There are some fantastic girls who completely make my day when they leave a nice comment or have something delightful on their blogs. One such blogger is Jenny from Jenny in Ohio. She seems like such a cool girl, the kind of person you'd get along with immediately and find lots to laugh about together. So I was both surprised and touched that she passed along the One Lovely Blog Award to me and three others. Thank you so much, Jenny!

As part of this project I'm supposed to share seven things about myself. Here goes!

1. I'm a major animal lover. My little pup opens my heart in new ways every day. My love for animals is one of many reasons I've been a vegetarian for nearly fifteen years.

2. My husband and I met sledding one night during winter break in college.

3. I'm a total magazine junkie. I subscribe to several and regularly check out huge stacks from the library. It's a good fit that I work at a magazine!

4. I was voted the nicest girl in my high school class and I think trying to be kind to people is a good way to approach life.

5. I can't go to sleep in an unmade bed. The thought of crawling into a mess of tangled sheets and strewn blankets -- I can't even deal!

6. Travel is a huge passion for me, and for my family. My parents took my sister and I to more than thirty countries by the time I was twenty. I love seeing new places!

7. I'm not a cook but I'm a little snobby about my daily latte. (And isn't that print above cool?)

And now I get to tag a few blogs that I find especially lovely:

* Petra at Individualism has the best quotes and fantastic art.

* Ada at Classiq always offers something beautiful, plus great classic movies to watch.

* Ola at The Apple Tea is endlessly interesting and intriguing.

* Gloria at Little White Wale offers fresh, upbeat finds and a great point of view.

* Mandy at Dash it All is a neat girl who's constantly doing something awesome.

* Claudia, Lisa Michelle and Karina at Dreaming of Palm Trees put together a fun blog that makes me wish I was their cousin or something.

Thanks again, Jenny! And here's wishing everyone a wonderful week!

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  1. aw, yay!! you are too sweet! :)

  2. i'm honored! thanks for including me, katie :-) we're TOTAL opposites when it comes to #5, haha, but animals & traveling are huge passions of mine as well. 30+ countries at such a young age is totally impressive!

  3. How fun!! Thanks for tagging me! You are so sweet! That's awesome you've been able to travel so much! What's one of your favorite places you've been?

  4. My goodness, I'm truly honored, dear Katie! Thank you for tagging me. :) It's so nice to find out a few things about yourself. I love travelling too, my parents are also the ones who inspired me and my brother the love for travelling from when we were kids. And I'm totally with you on the part with magazine junkie. Wishing you a wonderful week! xoxo Ada

  5. Thanks, ladies! I think you're all so inspirational.

    Gloria, that's too funny about #5.

    And it's so neat to hear that we all seem to share a love of travel. Some of my favorite places are London and Paris, Istanbul, Kenya, Australia and anywhere in the Caribbean. How about you girls?

  6. yeah!!! thank you so much. I'm very honoured!!!

    I love to travel, and I was fortunate to have lived in Paris and now live again in London. I love love love Istantbul and really want to go back one day. Australia is a bit far, but I'm always up for a trip to South America (if I can afford it ;)

    have a great week :)

  7. Katie, thank you so much for including us! We love your blog too because you always find the best stuff. You can be our honorary cousin!

    Also, your story about meeting the hubs sounds really cute. I want to hear more about it!

  8. honorary cousin indeed! :) thank you Katie! love right back at ya!

  9. Congratulations! I am new to your blog but look forward to peeking around more.