Monday, December 12, 2011


This weekend brought a holiday tradition: choosing a photo for our family Christmas card. My parents started sending out an annual card when I was a baby, and the convention has continued ever since. Today, it includes husbands, sometimes our dogs and now my little nephew.

There's always a bit of drama involved. As kids, my sister and I dreaded the day we'd have to go out and take the photo. Our once-hippie parents almost always wanted to shoot outdoors. So there was the year we had to sit up in a tree and the time we crouched amid snowy bushes in our front yard. More recently, the challenge is us six adults agreeing on one photo. It's no easy task! But it's always fun, and I cherish that we have these annual pictures of our family.

This photo is one of my favorites. If this shot is the best one of the bunch that year -- with me clutching a cracker, my sister laughing between bouts of crying and our hair flying in the wind -- I'd love to see the outtakes!

Photo by my parents. 


  1. This picture is so cute!! I think we're going to do a Christmas card next year.

  2. You both are so cute, Katie! And what a lovely tradition! xo

  3. Very cute! Good thing your now grown-up family doesn't have to sit in trees or crouch in bushes anymore. (Although that could make a pretty hilarious card.)

  4. SUCH a sweet photo! i love family holiday traditions! are you and the hubby sending a christmas card our this year??? ps: thank you for the lovely birthday wishes! it was a fabulous day!

    xo, vanessa (the gal)

  5. The photo is so sweet and hilariously cute story.

  6. that's such a great tradition! my family was planning to do this one, but we never got around to it! :/hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration! i'm also hosting 2 rad giveaways! bracelets worn by kourtney kardashian, courtney cox and vanessa hudgens! check it! xo

  7. cute story, even cuter photo.