Friday, March 16, 2012

Irish Spirit

A few years ago, my mom, dad, sister, her husband, my husband and I took a trip to Ireland. We spent a few days exploring Dublin, took a train ride across the country to Galway, and then rented a van (we looked like a traveling family band in that giant green VW!) and drove down the coast to Dingle. It was an incredible trip! We loved the energy of Dublin and the beauty of the countryside. We had so much fun popping into pubs for Guinness, music and conversation. We'd all love to go back one day. This St. Patrick's Day weekend, I'm going to be thinking about those perfect days and all that gorgeous green.

Have a great weekend -- and happy St. Paddy's Day!

Photos by me. 


  1. Oh these photos are just stunning! Ireland is definitely at the top of our vacation list :-)

  2. It looks so beautiful! That's one place I haven't been. Have a great weekend!!



  3. It's absolutely stunning! I have always wanted to visit Ireland. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

  4. Gorgeous pictures! Ireland seems like it would be a fantastic place to visit. (And by visit, I secretly mean quit my job and move there for a year :)

  5. Ireland has been on my travel list for a long time and I hope I will get to visit the wonders it has to offer soon. Have a great weekend, Katie! xo

  6. Ireland has always been a dream destination for me...these photos are all the more reason to visit!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful trip. I hope to visit there one day myself.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  8. beautiful photos. I can't believe I still haven't been to Ireland...

    happy st patrick's day!!

  9. Ah I've always wanted to the photos.