Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Backyard Bliss

I just found some backyard inspiration photos that I downloaded from Domino before the website was dismantled. Gosh I miss that magazine and website. But I'm glad to see these pics again!

I love our backyard in large part because it is essentially a blank slate. It's a big fenced-in rectangle with grass in the middle and some trees, bushes and flowers along the edges. And we have a simple wood deck above.

Gardening and landscaping intimidates me a bit, so it's fun to look at photos of people who really do their yards up well.

I love the geometric planes and right angles -- not to mention the crisp white -- in this modern yard.

Isn't this deck sexy? It's perfectly bohemian and messy.

Maybe a yard needn't be more complicated than this. The simple, natural and utterly beautiful color palette is great.

I bet this patio is fantastic for outdoor parties.

Photos from dominomag.com.

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