Monday, February 1, 2010

Wanted: A Cozy Spot

My husband and I are constantly tweaking our home. We like the idea of improving on the house and making it perfect for us.

We also love our weekends and have developed a little ritual in the mornings. My husband usually drinks his coffee while watching television from our beloved blue couch. And I like to read magazines or a book by the windows while drinking my latte.

But here's the problem: My spot isn't the most comfortable. We have a nice brown chair in the corner, but I never gravitate toward it on these mornings. Instead, I prop an oversized pillow by the windows. This works for awhile but then it's not so great.

What I want to do is find a cozy chaise for this corner. Something simple and clean-lined but also really comfy and inviting. I like Ikea's Karlstad chaise both for its looks and price. Hopefully this will be the answer to my lounging conundrum.

Here's the corner in question:

Here's where the comfy currently happens:

And here's what may be the solution:

Photos by me and from here.

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