Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yes Please!

I have a little daydream and it involves bicycling. I love to bike -- the way it feels to travel so fast, the perspective one gets from seeing things from this vantage point, the gratitute that comes with traversing a distance using your own two legs.

Now, I have a perfectly good mountain-type bike from college. And it's great. But it's not part of my daydream. No, this happy vision features a bike that's a little less utilitarian and a lot more stylish and fun. Basically it's the new Liberty of London for Target bicycle. Seriously, it's beautiful.

And it brings me to the next part of my daydream: adding a wicker basket to the front of the bike for my pup to sit in when we go on rides. Is she trained for such an activity? Well, no. However, this is my daydream and in it she loves sitting in the basket and going for rides with me. And until I get this lovely bike and attach a basket and try taking her for a ride, I'm not going to bother thinking otherwise. That's the beauty of daydreams, right?

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