Friday, February 26, 2010

Time to Hibernate

I'm looking forward to a little getaway with my honey this weekend. A cozy resort, lots of relaxing and maybe some snowshoeing. 

Happy weekend! 

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Can I Be All Three?

I really can't properly describe the fantastic-ness of the compilations Mrs. Lilien puts together on her blog. They're incredible! And I love the names almost as much as the stylish items she combines. 

Of all the lovely combinations, these three are my favorites: 

I pretty much want to be all three of these women -- with all their accoutrements, of course! 

Seriously, go check out these and other compilations on Mrs. Lilien's blog. I promise you'll love it.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yes Please!

I have a little daydream and it involves bicycling. I love to bike -- the way it feels to travel so fast, the perspective one gets from seeing things from this vantage point, the gratitute that comes with traversing a distance using your own two legs.

Now, I have a perfectly good mountain-type bike from college. And it's great. But it's not part of my daydream. No, this happy vision features a bike that's a little less utilitarian and a lot more stylish and fun. Basically it's the new Liberty of London for Target bicycle. Seriously, it's beautiful.

And it brings me to the next part of my daydream: adding a wicker basket to the front of the bike for my pup to sit in when we go on rides. Is she trained for such an activity? Well, no. However, this is my daydream and in it she loves sitting in the basket and going for rides with me. And until I get this lovely bike and attach a basket and try taking her for a ride, I'm not going to bother thinking otherwise. That's the beauty of daydreams, right?

Style Travels

Isn't it cool when someone has an unshakable sense of style? A personal aesthetic so strong that even when placed in a new setting it shines through.

Katja of Nestled In on Flickr strikes me as such a person. Whether she's in her old house or current house, she creates spaces that are calm, comfortable and slightly quirky. I love the clean-lined furniture and abundance of white details, but even more so I admire the quality I can't quite pick out that makes both homes so neat. Here, take a look at a few photos:

From her old house:

From her current house:

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Feeling Flushed

While there's lots to love in the Sophie Theallet Fall 2010 collection, shown on, I'm especially smitten with the blush tones. From the palest of pink to a rich red, these clothes have me wanting to pull on something in a gorgeously girly hue.

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Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for a seemingly small but completely soul-sustaining fact: That there is daylight both when I arrive at work in the morning and when I leave in the evening. In a winter that's felt longer than usual, this little realization makes me so very happy. 

Wishing everyone a bright, sunny day!

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bloomin' Gorgeous

Maybe it's the fresh coat of snow we have today (okay, I admit, it's pretty), but my mind is jumping ahead to spring. To warm air, sunshine and flowers popping up everywhere. 

Browsing Etsy for flowery jewelry is helping me endure these last few weeks of winter. Here are a few pieces I'm particularly loving: 

Sunday, February 21, 2010

So Much to Love

I've been having a great time looking over the new Fall 2010 collections on It's amazing to see all the creative and innovative ideas fashion designers put out every year. And I found lots to love in the Tibi collection. Pretty florals, bold patterns, vivid colors, luxe knits, touches of sparkle -- all my favorite elements are there, yet they're worked and presented in new and inspiring ways. So great!

Photos from here.

Ship Shape

There is something about yachts and sailboats that intrigues me to no end. My husband shares this minor obsession. We like poring over yachting magazines at the bookstore, making absurd comments like "It would be nice to have outdoor seating like that" or "Oh, I'd never do a living room like that," as if we were in the market for such a boat. But we can dream, right?

This Benetti yacht, featured in Architectural Digest, is fantastic in so many ways. I love the crisp blue, white and yellow color palette of the deck furniture, the white canvas of the umbrellas and director-style chairs, and the gleaming wood of the interior spaces. I could definitely spend some time on this boat!

Photos from here.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

How Refreshing

Of all the amazing dresses in Erin Fetherston's Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear collection, shown on, I'm especially digging these two orange dresses. Something about that color seems so refreshing now, and I'm sure it will be great come fall.

Photos from here.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hello Yellow

These delightful doses of yellow, shown on houzz, are a great pick-me-up on a cold gray morning. Dare I say they're even better than coffee?

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Monday, February 15, 2010


It snowed again today. I realize this shouldn't come as a surprise, seeing as though it's only mid-February. It's just that I somehow came to the conclusion that we were done with snow, that it was time for winter to pack up and leave town.

Now I also realize I have a choice in this matter. That I could pack up and leave town and head for somewhere that doesn't get burried under feet of ice and snow each year. But I did that once and the funny thing is I missed the seasons. Not months of winter, necessarily, but the changes and the fact that spring feels so incredible following seemingly endless winters.

So I'm going to quit whining and try to embrace the cold. And if I can't quite do that, I'm going to take a look at these breathtaking beach photos by SussanahT. The muted colors and the calmness of the landscape are perfection.

Photos from here.

Looking Before I Leap

Nearly a year ago, I mentioned how I was intrigued by the new (well, new again) fashion trend of jumpsuits. I still haven't gotten one but I'm still liking the idea. Dresses are my favorite thing to wear but maybe this spring I'll switch things up with a jumpsuit.

Any of these Trina Turk jumpsuits would be an excellent choice.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love Seat

I lamented awhile back about the lack of a cozy corner in our living room and how I was hoping we'd get a chaise to remedy the situation. Well, my husband had the very thoughtful idea of buying such a chair as a Valentine's Day gift to each other. So we poppoed over to Ikea and got a gray Karlstad chaise.

I love it! I already broke it in this morning, lounging in the bright morning sun with a latte and a magazine. And my husband took a turn with it this afternoon doing work on his laptop. And our pup seems to have claimed it as her new observation spot.

Oh, and my husband surprised me white tulips, one of my favorite flowers. All in all, it's been a great, cozy, love-filled weekend.

Photos by me.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Real Love

The decidedly unflowery language of this lacy valentine print is delightful.
Photo from here.

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Valentine's Wish

Consider this post a giant Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. May this weekend be filled with love -- for your significant other, friends, parents, siblings, kids, pets and absolutely yourself. Please show yourself the love, kindness and respect you give to alll the wonderful people in your life. You deserve it!

Photo by me (of an old drawing of mine from college).

Lucky Girls

A great resource when I'm stuck in a wardrobe rut is Lucky magazine's Look of the Day feature on its website. The featured women's styles are so unique and make me think about pairing my own clothes and accessories in new ways. 

Here are a few recent looks I like: 

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