Friday, October 7, 2011


Orange you glad the weekend's nearly here? Sorry, I couldn't resist! I'm really feeling the pumpkin hue right now, and I hope it leads me into a weekend filled with of all sorts of fall fun.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Photos from here, here, here, here and here -- all via Pinterest


  1. The orange hat! How fabulous is that? And the orange pants look gorgeous as well. I've planned to bake pumpkin this weekend and maybe I'll make a pumpkin pie as well. Have a beautiful weekend, Katie!

  2. i would love a wrap, hat, and trousers like that. but erm, not orange thanks. lol

    yay to orange season though!

  3. so, i work for this crazy old lady that has an 'orange' room and it has made me HATE the color orange, because I have to stare it all day. But you changed my mind :)

  4. nice, next to grey orange is my second favourite colour at the moment :)

  5. It's so interesting how this color evokes a different -- but strong -- reaction in everyone. I kind of like that about orange : )

  6. Love the wall color... maybe it's because the paint in my living room/dining room is called Pumpkin Butter! :)