Monday, October 3, 2011

Out to the Ballgame

This was a fun and particularly sports-filled weekend. Every day brought new baseball and football games to watch. Yet the highlight was going to a Milwaukee Brewers game on Saturday. We usually make it to a few games each year, but this was the first game of the playoffs so it was something special. The stands were absolutely packed and the energy was incredible. Every time the Brewers made a good hit or scored, the place erupted. My husband is a huge baseball fan, so it was really neat to experience it all with him. Here are a few glimpses of our game day:

Photos by me. 


  1. i'm not a sports fan but i do enjoy baseball, although wedon't get it on tv much in Europe. i do love the energy at a live game of any sports.
    sounds like a fun weekend.

  2. I love your pictures! I'm not much of a sports person, but I still like attending live games. There's something electric about them and I totally get caught up in the cheering. And all the food!