Monday, March 16, 2009

Craving Cool Kitchens

The kitchen is such an important room in a home, yet it can be hard to get right. I always think if I could just get my kitchen perfect, then I'd definitely cook more.

While this might be wishful thinking, these Domino kitchens and dining rooms are places I'd surely spend some serious time.

I love this combination of white, light wood and natural light.

Maybe it's all the black and white, but I'd like to sit down with a newspaper and cup of coffee.

Deep purple seems unusual -- but so right -- for a formal-ish dining room.

I like the variety of shapes going on here.

Black, white, blond wood and a vibrant green work in a clean, graphic way.

Why not show off a wildly ornate wallpaper in the kitchen?

I'm digging the layer upon layer of pattern here. And since most of it is blue, it works.

Who needs more than minimalistic furniture when your table overlooks this gorgous yard?

This dining room reminds me of a cheery, simple bistro.

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