Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why Blog?

Why start a blog? For me, it's for many reasons. I'm at a point in my life where I'm no longer moving around trying to find what I want. I'm nesting, you could say. I love my family and friends and home and am happily building the life I want around me.

Yet this is a strange and uncertain point in history. And that makes me want to not waste time, not waste money or energy on things that aren't important. I want to eliminate what's unnecessary and focus on what matters to me -- on what's positive, nice ... simple.

So what makes me happy? Here are a few things:

* a lazy Saturday morning
* clean sheets
* a latte with just the right amount of froth
* light streaming through a window
* couch + husband + movie
* a glass of wine with dinner
* crisp stripes
* fresh flowers
* sun on my skin
* a chance to dance
* my dog sitting in my lap
* a beach
* a new idea
* getting caught up in a book
* crowded family dinners
* a magazine in the mailbox
* catching up with a friend
* a sincere compliment
* the perfect paint color for a wall
* cute pajamas
* walking through a city I've never visited
* nature stopping me in my tracks
* a clean bathroom
* visiting a gallery
* jeans that fit perfectly
* the sound of people laughing
* non-sensible shoes
* fresh fruit
* people-watching
* nice perfume
* finishing a long run
* a pop of color
* a sense of hope

I hope that by sharing some of the things I like -- or discover along the way -- others will take the time to appreciate the little joys of every day.

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