Thursday, November 12, 2009


Several months ago, I fell for this graphic map of San Francisco by Ork Posters that describes its eclectic neighborhoods through words.

So finally I ordered it -- an it came in the mail today! It's exactly what I need to kick-start my next home-decorating project.

Just inside our front door is a staircase leading to our second floor ... and a huge two-story expanse of wall just begging to become a mini gallery. I have been dreaming of creating a salon look, like those shows in Europe centuries ago where works of art crammed next to each other on walls in academies for people to admire. I want to hang posters like this one alongside photography, drawings and paintings by a range of artists, including myself. I think a black and white color scheme will unify things nicely. We shall see ...

If anything, this poster will serve as a great reminder of a place Iused to live -- and one of my favorite places to visit now.

Photo from here.

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