Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Yesterday I had a meltdown. I've been fortunate so far in my pregnancy not to feel very sick, but being tired and emotional and seeing my body change has been a bit tough. I was feeling fat and icky and crabby and decided to go for a run yesterday morning. Just as I was about to leave, my husband gave me a compliment. I realize now that I should have smiled and thanked him for the nice words. Did I do that? No. I blew up at him and told him my body is no longer an acceptable topic of conversation, then bolted off on my run. Nice, huh? I later apologized and he was very sweet and understanding, but sheesh, I need to get a handle on this!

I should try to calm down -- relax, take a breath, appreciate all the wonderful things around me. Maybe I'll browse through this gorgeous, cozy, serene New York country home, featured on House to Home, and pretend I'm lounging there today! 

Photos from here. 


  1. That is an excellent mental trick. I may have to try that the next time I am in a horrible mood!

  2. glad you're in a better mood now! Maybe it's those pregnancy hormones talking...

  3. Thanks, ladies! I think it was definitely the hormones talking, but thankfully things are better now : )

  4. I'm glad to hear you're better now. :) That is a beautiful house, a modern design, but nicely combining different elements in the interior. Ada