Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sunshine Day

Whew, what a weekend! We worked pretty much nonstop on our kitchen renovation. I'm loving how the room is turning out, but DIY projects sure are a lot of work! I've learned that prep work is tedious, renovations aren't as breezily montage-like in real life as they are on television and power tools are a lot of fun. We'll still have to add more coats of paint to the cabinet doors and drawers this week, and then order our new countertops, but I hope to have some before and after photos to share soon.

I did take a break yesterday from all the manual labor. It was an absolutely gorgeous day: temps in the high eighties, full sunshine, a nice breeze. So I lounged on the deck, and then my husband and I ate dinner outside in the evening. It was a perfect end to a very full weekend.

Photos by me. 


  1. great that you got so much done! Sounds like a nice weekend...

  2. re-comment....

    diy is like that, hard work! although i admit that the Mr does most of it, but then, there's always clean-up, which seems to take as long.

    glad you didn't miss the good weather.

  3. Such pretty pictures! Sounds like a great weekend. I'm so happy it's starting to feel like summer!
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  4. wow, that's the view from your deck??? now I'm a tad bit envious :)