Friday, May 27, 2011

Fresh Start

While today kicks off a long holiday weekend, I won't be doing much relaxing the next few days. Instead, my husband and I are going to start a kitchen renovation project. We're finally going to paint the dark walls and old cabinets, and then order new countertops and a nice faucet. My parents, sister and brother-in-law are all coming over to help, and I'm hoping it's a fun project with some pizza and beer breaks thrown in. I can't wait to lighten and freshen up the kitchen. If our new space can look even a bit like these inspirational images, I'll be very happy. 

Happy weekend!

Photos from here, here, here and here


  1. have fun! and keep us posted on the progress :) happy weekend!!!

  2. I love your inspiration pics! I'm a huge fan of an all white kitchen and I love subway tiles. Hope all goes well!

  3. How fun! Good luck! Can't wait to see the finished product. (:

  4. The kitchen in the 3rd imade is my favourite. A chandelier in the kitchen, mon dieu! How fabulous! And the exposed brick, plus all the white, this is my dream kitchen. Have fun with renovating! :) Ada

  5. I love these kitchen inspirations! Beautiful! My kitchen is all white and I love it - it's always so light and happy!
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