Monday, May 16, 2011

Kitchen Prep

When my husband and I bought our house, we considered the kitchen a space we'd live with for awhile but eventually spruce up. We like the layout but the cabinets, countertops and appliances are a bit dated, and the lighting is pretty terrible. We're hoping to repaint the walls, paint the cabinets and get new countertops this spring. In addition to researching how to tackle some of these projects, I'm also scouring the web and magazines for visual inspiration. I like these kitchens by Candice Olson, featured on I like how they're a mix of modern and glamorous. I could definitely spend some time in these spaces!

Photos from here


  1. my fave is the 2nd. lots of wood, the warmth it gives, yet still modern. (although i go for rustic myself).

    love that patterned wall in the 3rd.

    i'm testing colours at the moment, to repaint our cabinets.

  2. I love ALL of these, especially the first image. My kitchen is teeny. I crave!

  3. kitchens are so important. I wish I had a huge one... one day!

  4. the kitchen might be my favorite room in the house :-) i especially love photo #2 - the mix of wood and stainless steel is beautiful!