Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How Sporting

On my way home from work today, I looked out my window as I normally do at a pretty park. But today instead of seeing a flat expanse of grass lined on one side by trees, I glimpsed a pickup baseball game in progress. It looked like a handful of boys got home from school, grabbed their gear and headed out to the park to play.

The scene reminded me so much of being in middle school this time of year when it just finally starts to feel like winter is over, when you're filled with excitement and the need to be outside, even though it really isn't warm out yet.

I love seeing kids play sports like this, so purely and just for fun, without the pressure of making a team, impressing friends and parents, needing to win.

I imagined these boys playing until they were exhausted and cold. That's what we used to do growing up. Kids in neighborhood would gather to play basketball or baseball until the sun started to set and the streets began to get busier with cars bringing parents home from work -- both signs that it was time to get home for dinner.

I hope these boys had a great time. And I hope afternoons like these are something they always remember.

Photo from here.

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