Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Room in the Trees

Around this time of year nine years ago, I moved into my first apartment. It was my sophomore year of college and four friends and I bunked up in a second-floor flat in an old house.

I loved my room. It was originally a porch, and three walls were completely filled with windows. When I'd wake up on late summer mornings, all I could see were leafy green treetops. Sunshine would stream in, filtered through the leaves and a nice breeze would blow in. It was wonderful!

Unfortunately, a converted porch didn't make for the best living conditions in the winter. I froze! But it was blissful in the summer.

I recently found a few drawings I did of my room for an art class I took that year. It's a fun way to remember my old treehouse-like room.

Image by me.

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