Thursday, September 10, 2009

So Excited

I feel like I'm ready to burst, like I'm about to fly off my seat and run out the door and start the weekend. That's because this weekend is going to be filled with lots of silly girl fun.

One of my best friends is coming home for the weekend. She moved out of state a few weeks ago to follow her heart and try an adventure. I am happy and excited for her but have missed her like crazy! It will be so nice to spend time together again.

But first I'm going out to dinner tonight with my girlfriends from work. One is getting married next weekend, so this is a little celebration for her -- not to mention just a great excuse to have a little fun outside the office!

And also this weekend another girlfriend is throwing herself a bachelorette party. But here's the wonderful catch. She's not getting married. She's not even dating anyone. But she figured, why wait until she's engaged to celebrate being single and having great friends.

I can't wait for the weekend to start. So when I saw this great print by Juliane Eirich on 20x200, I thought, "Yes, that's it! That's exactly how I feel."

I hope the weekend brings lots of great fun for everyone!

Photo from here.

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